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Feel free to look through here! I'm almost always improving, so any suggestions or other things of that manner are appreciated, as seen in my deviantID!



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Hey! Thanks for stopping here! I'm working on improving, but sometimes art blocks and emotions get the best of me. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or ideas for me! I'm always open to critique, constructive criticism as long as it isn't too harsh because I'm a soft person, things you think I should draw or write about, new media styles or drawing styles, etc.! Also if you favorite on something, I may and probably will not respond, but please know I'm still grateful!

UTAU updates will be posted often! Sorry for those who are spammed.

I'm usually busy, but I will always take requests or anything of that sort! It might just take 2-3 weeks or so for me to have it done, depending on how busy or bored I am! Creativity blocks also suck!

  1. I've been on DA for almost two years now!

  2. My username is my initials, but the numbers I'd prefer not to say...

  3. Timid, creative, understanding. Not really too accurate but I don't know myself well.

  4. I'm right handed.

  5. Sweet Dreams and Nightmares Sebastian x ReaderSweet Dreams and Nightmares (Sebastian Michaelis x Reader)
    (A/N: Sebastian is your butler in this…. Ugh what have I written…)
    (y/n) = your name
    (h/c) = hair color
    (h/l) = hair length
      There, you stand, all alone. Darkness surrounds you, all you can see is light peaking through the crack under the door. It’s difficult for you to walk, you can’t see the outlines of objects easily. Slowly, you reach the door. “Where am I? I don’t remember walking here. Or driving.”
      As you reach for the doorknob, someone grabs you from behind. “Mmmph!!” is all that you manage to say as the person does something that makes you unconscious.
      You wake up, sweating heavily, panting slightly. What a bad dream…
      Just as you began to lay down, Sebastian, your demon butler, walked in the room.    “Lady (y/n), what are you doing up at this hour? It’s awfully late.”
      “Oh, it’s
     Haha, it's fanfiction from Kuroshitsuji... (it's so bad, too! oh well...)

  6. Honestly, anything! I'm unable to do some things but I have fun anyway. Art is fun so I do what I want!

  7. Proooooobably realism, it'd help me with some other things that I do already. It's so difficult too, it'd be great to master!

  8. Take Me Skyward (Link x Reader) Ch. I
    Chapter One
    "Love is measured not by how much by how much you say it. It's measured by how wrong you feel when you realize you didn't."
    Ah, life. What a blessing it is. To wake up each morning, healthy and able. To take in fresh air and feel warm sunshine on your skin! To be greeted by friends and loved ones alike! To turn your eyes to the wide open blue sky and dream of your bright future!
    Ah yes, life. What a blessing it is.
    Or at least, what a blessing it would be if you weren't currently lost in a foreign, strange world with the one person that you despised more than anything else.
    Needless to say, life for you couldn't be much worse.
    But of course, life wasn't always out to get you. No, before all this, you had the perfect life. One that was humble, yet enchanting in its own way.
    -- ~ -- 
    Your name is (Name)

     Once again, fanfiction. I remember the days when I read it but, I can't read it anymore. Favoriting these got so awkward...

  9. Digital/photography. Seeing that digital is mostly deep and common, I like that. Photography lets me see the beauty in the world easily.

  10. Awww! Come on, I don't want to exclude anyone! I can't actually say! I followed who I did because I have a lot I like about them, whether it be their personality, art, sense of humor, or anything like that.

  11. Probably :iconryotaa:, she seems really nice and I bet we'd get along quite well!

  12. Sometimes, when I'd post sad pictures that expressed how I was feeling, people commented on them, telling me that I wasn't alone. It's those people that I appreciate the most.

  13. Anything I can get my hands on. I don't have a lot of money, so what I get as gifts/buy occasionally, I have to make-do with.

  14. Outdoors. Sadly, I've not been able to be outdoors much. My neighborhood isn't too good, so I can't really go out there without being scared.

  15. Getting to work with people, probably! It's so nice to see the people on here are as friendly as they are! Heart 


It's been a year since I last updated. Basically stopped drawing. Tablet works but I'm just bad haha. Sorry if I disappointed anyone with this, but I doubt it.

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